UC Davis offers courses that include mathematics and computation applied to biological questions at all levels, and in all colleges.

lower division (frosh and sophomores)

  • Mathematics 17: Calculus for biology and medicine
  • Biology 20Q: Modelling in Biology
    In this two-unit class, you'll learn how to solve problems from across biology by applying mathematics that you already know. You'll use a software tool called Mathcad to create graphs, analyze data, and write simple models based on biological principles.
    • SPRING 2007: CRN 29907, Professor Mitch Sutter
        lecture T 3:10-4:00, Chem 179;
        computer lab Th 3:10-5:00, Sciences Lab Building 2020
    • additional course information (from a previous offering of the course) and a demo film clip here-- ignore the registration info since it's from 2005.
    • for faculty: to obtain an evaluation copy of Mathcad or for more information about Q courses, contact Carole Hom, clhom at ucdavis dot edu.

upper division (juniors and seniors)

  • adjunct courses to be taken with a regular upper division biology course: these are part of UC Davis' revision of the biology curriculum and are in the course approval process. Contact Carole Hom (clhom at ucdavis dot edu) for more information.
  • Biology 132: Introduction to dynamic modeling in biology -- An overview of models based on the notion that biological entities change over time.
    • course information here
  • Mathematics 124: Mathematical biology
  • Engineering: Computer Science 124: Theory and practice of bioinformatics
  • Statistics 100: Applied statistics for biological sciences
  • additional modeling courses: see the "courses" section of the web page for the Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics minor.